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Re: Help! New Debian install + Rocket133 = no HDDs!

On Thu, 2004-01-29 at 14:25, W. B. Maguire II wrote:
> Problem:
> --------
> I tried to install Debian on this 2-HDD-Rocket133 system, and Debian
> complains that it can't find any HDDs, and tells me that this better
> be a disk-less NFS install, or I need to load modules to allow Debian
> to "see" any HDDs.

you may need to use the bf24 kernel (kernel version 2.4.18 - hit F3 at
the debian install CD boot prompt) to install things..it has some
support for newer hardware than the default 2.2 kernel.

if that fails, you could always compile a kernel with appropriate
hardware support on your redhat machine, and make a debian install boot


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