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Re: jigdo question

Greg Madden wrote:

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> On Thursday 29 January 2004 09:40 am, kegwasher wrote:
>> just finished downloading sarge via jigdo.  the first three produced
>> iso images.  The other 9 end with iso.temp.  What do I do to make
>> them into iso's????
> Jigdo questions can be ask & answered here:debian-cd@lists.debian.org.
> Usually when I get a ~.iso.temp file there is an error getting all the
> files to build the cd. Did you get any error messages when you built
> these ? The final step in the build process for an iso, using
> jigdo-lite in Debian, is a checksum is done. More info needed to be
> more helpful, except the .iso.temp file can still be used by the
> program s don't delete them.
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I only saw the last error message as the rest were lost due to the batch
mode of operation.  It only gave me the 'some errors were found during
download' message.  I saw a couple of ways to proceed mentioned in the
jigdo howto but did not know if 'just hitting return' at the prompts would
restart the download from null or pick up where I left off.  worst case is
I make a copy of the iso.tmps before I do anything.  pity the error
messages were not written somewhere, or are they?    

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