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CUPS & Brother HL-1450: junk page appearing before every printout.

I'm running Debian testing with the following packages installed (from dpkg

ii  cupsomatic-ppd                20040102-1
ii  cupsys                        1.1.20candidate6-6
ii  cupsys-client                 1.1.20candidate6-6
ii  cupsys-driver-gimpprint       4.2.5-6
ii  lpr                           2000.05.07-5

I used the CUPS browser interface to install a Brother HL-1450 laser
printer on the parallel port with the driver "Brother HL-1450 Foomatic
hl1250 (recommended)".  I've also tried the others relevant drivers and
replacing lpr with cupsys-bsd, and I always get the same problem: every
printout is preceded by a sheet with some letters (usually "d a b") spread
across the page near the top.  This also happens with printouts from
another computer over Samba.

Is this a bug or have I misconfigured something?


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