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Web server with PHP setup & mod-ssl

I'm rebuilding a web server with a home-grown PHP site that allows users to log in securely, to view, upload, and download files. This is my first real foray into Debian.

Here's the spec:


My questions:

- does "apt-get upgrade" always provide the most secure versions? The reason I ask is:

- Apache 1.3.26 seems ancient -- is this an OK version to run? I have executed apt-get upgrade, and apt.conf is set for "stable."

- also, openssl is up to 0.9.6 "l" -- 0.9.6 "c" also seems ancient.

- My previous build ran mod-ssl. However, there is no mod-ssl package in Debian. Has anyone installed mod-ssl under Debian, or is there a better program for this function?


- Danny O'Brien
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