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Re: Debian list = spam and virus repeater/multiplexer

Paul Johnson wrote:
Actually, the most daunting thing about this list is the sheer volume
of mail involved.

Do you even grasp the irony of this statement? If volume is a problem then you'd think reducing the volume by cutting out the cruft of non-list spam and bogus mailings of false virus reports would be a good thing.

This is so their mailbox doesn't get clogged. This, too, is a non-issue since there are always digests.

Which will explode a Hotmail box just as fast on a high-traffic day,
it's just a massive timebomb that blindsides you, too.

Paul, you intentinally being obtuse. Later in the same message you snipped the following:

"...or people who don't want their mail clogged there's digests. If they want no mail there's vacation. If the list software does not have those options then it is broken and should be replaced."

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