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Re: Debian list = spam and virus repeater/multiplexer

On 28 Jan 2004, "Bojan Baros" <bojan@blis.dyndns.org> wrote in 
> Why isn't there a limitation that will only allow the mails to be
> forwarded to the list if the originating email is subscribed to the
> list?  

I read the list on usenet.  I find it is easier for me to follow the
large volume of messages here in a news reader (I prefer Xnews, but
I could use Thunderbird too). 

I can't remember if it was this list or the security list, but one
of them required me to submit my email address to the list server
before I could post to the list through usenet. 

Rejecting mail from unknown users seems like a perfectly reasonable
solution to me.  I do it on the small lists I host at work (under
300 users).  

If (wo)manpwer is the issue, I'd be happy to help with the admin
process.  List admin, please feel free to email me directly to
discuss this. 


PS, reading on usenet is much kinder to the serving host too.
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