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Re: FW: registration confirmation...

On 2004-01-29, s. keeling penned:
> Why is debian-* the place to go to complain about Windows viruses?!?
> I choose Linux & Debian to avoid Windows and all its cracks and
> deficiencies.  Others (perhaps including you?) use Linux/Debian in a
> pointless attempt to support/protect an unusable Windows system.  Why
> should I care about them?  I've already told them often enough; dump
> Windows and this will cease to be a bother to you.

Spam and viruses bother me, even though I don't use a Windows mail
client.  They're just plain annoying, and even with proper filtering,
they waste my bandwidth.  If nothing else, in order to deal with spam, I
have the additional overhead on my system of spamassassin, procmail, and
tmda.  That's computing power that could go to recompiling my kernel,


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