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RE: FW: registration confirmation...

Apology accepted... I have to admit, it was a fairly dumb question.

I can understand the frustration.  I had not seen the other posts as I
subscribed again only yesterday, after a 3 year break.  I have in the past
subscribed to one list only to be put on another at the same time.

You are fortunate indeed if you don't have to use windows.  On a corporate
level here they are going to ... wait for it... "Active directory rollout"
<sigh> and have been watching too much TV.

Dump windows ?  I would love to.  Corporate says otherwise.

The linux server we have used in this corner of the corporation has never
missed a beat in the past 5 years (ditto for novell), so I have been almost
100% involved in windows problems (viruses included) but not by choice.

I guess that makes me one of those who are vainly attempting to protect a
windows network using linux, after all, you can't protect windows with
windows.  You have to use something decent.


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Incoming from Ian Perry:
> Firstly... my apologies to the list.
> Well, thank you for your abrupt reply and for being so damn rude.
> If you can't be civil, then please in future don't bother responding.
> A simple "Yes, its just spam would have sufficed" thank you.

I'll agree, I was abrupt, but I've already seen about fifteen replies
to the list saying, "Yes, it's Spam."  How could you have missed them?

Why is debian-* the place to go to complain about Windows viruses?!?
I choose Linux & Debian to avoid Windows and all its cracks and
deficiencies.  Others (perhaps including you?) use Linux/Debian in a
pointless attempt to support/protect an unusable Windows system.  Why
should I care about them?  I've already told them often enough; dump
Windows and this will cease to be a bother to you.

Sorry for the attitude.  I despise Windows and Microsoft and
everything about them.  I blame them for having designed such a shoddy
system the net is now flooded with worms and viruses to which only
Windows is susceptible.  The sooner people learn not to use that
crap, the sooner the world will be a better place.

Any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advanced.
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