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RE: FW: registration confirmation...

Firstly... my apologies to the list.

Well, thank you for your abrupt reply and for being so damn rude.

If you can't be civil, then please in future don't bother responding.

A simple "Yes, its just spam would have sufficed" thank you.

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Subject: Re: FW: registration confirmation...

Incoming from Ian Perry:
> Does anyone know what this is ?
> Or is it just elaborate spam ?
> Or am I now on yet ANOTHER spam list ?

FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, THINK!  The From: says lists.debian.org.  You're
subscribed to some list at lists.debian.org, somebody sent crap to the
list, and lists.debian.org sent you a copy of what was sent to the

Why is this so difficult?!?  The current outbreak of Windows worms and
viruses was front page news in my newspaper yesterday and today.  HOW

If this is too much for you, some options are:

  - don't use Windows.

  - don't subscribe to mailing lists.

  - filter your mail.

  - hunt down virus/worm writers and spammers and kill them.

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