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Re: SATA + debian

David Purton wrote:

I'm looking at purchasing a funky shuttle xpc SB62G2.

Amongst other things this box supports Serial ATA drives.

Are there likely to be any troubles installing debian on a box with a
SATA hard drive?

The chipsets are:
    North Bridge: i865G
    South Bridge: iCH5-R

Can anyone point me to some good documentation relating to SATA and

not sure what R in ICH5-R means (I have intel D865-PERL motherboard with ICH5, at least I think it's ICH5 and SATA works)

you need fairly recent kernel (2.4.22 or something like that). Note that if you are using HD that's above 130GB you might need even newer kernel.

I use 2.4.21-ac4 with libata5 patches (ac4 for SATA, libata5 for >130GB support)

SATA disks can be seen as ide of scsi, I have only had success with scsi (kernel config CONFIG_SCSI_ATA_PIIX=y), otherwise the syustem freezes right after the disks are detected


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