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Re: If Linux Becomes More Prevalent -> was Re: FW: registration confirmation...

On Wednesday 28 January 2004 07:44 pm, s. keeling wrote:
> Does Windows get cracked more often because there's more Windows?  No,
> it's because Windows is more crackable

I also think the "Windows is hacked more because it's more popular" 
argument is bogus. The point I like to use is this: IIS flaws have led to 
multiple Internet-disrupting worms, yet no Apache flaw has led to such an 
ocurrence - despite the fact that Apache has been the #1 web server since 
1996 (according to Netcraft).

That said, almost all of the email viral outbreaks in the last year have 
not exploited flaws in MS products - they occured because thousands (if 
not millions) of end users either don't know or don't care about proper 
email attachment safety. They will blindly click on everything that comes 
into their inbox, even if it involves multiple manual steps (such as 
opening a zip file and running its contents).

Migrating them to a new OS won't help - only education will.


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