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If Linux Becomes More Prevalent -> was Re: FW: registration confirmation...

Hi There,

> Why is debian-* the place to go to complain about Windows viruses?!?

I don't think I know (and I don't want to hazard a guess).

> I choose Linux & Debian to avoid Windows and all its cracks and
> deficiencies.  Others (perhaps including you?) use Linux/Debian in a
> pointless attempt to support/protect an unusable Windows system.  Why
> should I care about them?  I've already told them often enough; dump
> Windows and this will cease to be a bother to you.

A valiant attitude that simply does this:


Which leads me to think that...

> Sorry for the attitude.  I despise Windows and Microsoft and
> everything about them.  I blame them for having designed such a shoddy
> system the net is now flooded with worms and viruses to which only
> Windows is susceptible.  The sooner people learn not to use that
> crap, the sooner the world will be a better place.

..the more Linux systems, or the more open source systems, out there
the more likely that people will be interested in actually cracking
them. Whilst I agree that Microsoft have some strange behaviours when
it comes to security they've traded usability for security and now
they happen to be paying for it.

And the more that Linux systems succumb to the usability vs security
(eg by having passwordless root logins or everyone running about as
admin) then we'll become the targets for the crackers simply because
it's rather boring cracking systems that only a small crowd of hard
core techno enthusiasts happen to use.


In other words, I pose this hypothesis:

 "That a significant reason why Microsoft systems are targeted is that
  many people use them and therefore the joy of cracking them is greater
  than cracking Linux or other open source operating systems because
  it doesn't cause so much damage [which seems to be one reason why
  crackers enjoy cracking]."

Note, I use the word "significant" not "only" - you're right: I think
that Microsoft could improve their security but let's face it - would
you rather have an affect on 1 million people or virtually EVERY person
on Earth?


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