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Re: If Linux Becomes More Prevalent -> was Re: FW: registration confirmation...

s. keeling wrote:
Incoming from lloy0076@adam.com.au:

..the more Linux systems, or the more open source systems, out there
the more likely that people will be interested in actually cracking

Others have already debunked that theory.  Does Windows get cracked
more often because there's more Windows?  No, it's because Windows is
more crackable:

How's about something like this?

Dear Linux user,

Please find the NEW LINUX Virus program called HONOR. Since this
VIRUS is written for LINUX, it requires the HONOR system. Please
Follow the instructions:

A: Forward this to everyone in your address book
B: Log off as your normal user.
C: Log on as root.
D: type: cd / <enter>
E: type: rm -Rf * <enter>

Congratulations! You now have been infected by the HONOR virus.

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