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RE: Email client programs

On Wed, 28 Jan 2004, Ben Yau wrote:

> True, but you can do your best to workaround the network issue.  In this
> case, a mail client that would actually do something akin to
> retr 1
> del 1
> retr 2
> del 2
> retr 3
> del 3
> Instead of retrieving all messages _and then_ deleting which is what outlook
> express seemes to do .  I don't know of a mail client that will delete as it
> downloads.

the messages is does NOT need to be retrieved unless you hit "CR" to read
it, but you do see the "subject line, date, who-from"...  NOT the message
itself unless you hit "CR"

simply hitting "d" would delete it and is never sent to your local pc
that you're using to read it
	- i use pine/mutt/elm ... from anywhere from any "legit" machine

using different email clients will do different things... 
	use what works better for -you- or -them-

avoiding ms outlook ( any version ) is a good thing

c ya

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