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Installing Debian Unstable From Scratch

This was asked maybe a thousand times.
and I've read it again and again.
and didn't take notes.
Now that I need it I don't have time to look through the list archives.
I am apologizing for taking your time, but would anyone not so busy with more 
important things help me through the steps for setting up Debian Unstable 
From Scratch.
What I did so far was use the rescue and root floppies from Debian Woody in 
order to boot and setup base system.
Right now I got stuck in configuring apt-get to use unstable.
What should I do to tell apt-get to use the Unstable from the site 
ftp.au.debian.org for example?
Thank you in advance
Next time I will not delete messages that I may need at some point.
Chavdar Videff

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