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Re: How to make a quick local .deb package?

> Hi,
> I have read "Debian New Maintainers' Guide" and "How Software Producers
> Can Distribute Their Products Directly in DEB Format".
> Unfortunately, it is not so clear on how to make a local .deb
> package. For example, what to do, if there exists a simple
> "our-own-script.sh" which is usually in every /usr/local/bin
> at the local systems.
> 1) is there a simpler way to make a .deb package for that script?
> 2) it should be placed in /usr/bin/, shouldn't it?
> thank you,
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Here are a few links:

You can also use checkinstall altough i don't think it will help when
using a script. (it needs a make file)


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