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Re: graphic system setup

Em Seg, 2004-01-26 às 17:35, Marius Amado Alves escreveu:

> I've been configuring with xf86config and also hand editing.
> Is there another way?

	Try dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86.

> I don't know my monitor frequencies exactly.

	This shouldn't be so relevant to your problem.

> My card is a S3 TrioV64+, but I don't know the memory size. I've tried
> from 256k to 2M.

	Don't specify any memory size, it should be autodetected.

> Must I disable "framebuffer"? How?

	I don't think so.

> (II) LoadModule: "vga"

	This is bad.  Use a specific driver.

	Please send your XF86Config and log with the specific driver.
Try to paste only the relevant parts.

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