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Re: upgrade of postfix broke Mailman

On Thu, Jan 22, 2004 at 08:44:24PM -0500, Kevin Coyner wrote:
| On a box running Sid, I recently apt-get dist-upgrade'd Postfix.  Prior
| to the upgrade I had Postfix running smoothly with a virtual setup based
| on MySQL tables.  Additionally, I had Mailman integrated into
| everything.
| After the upgrade, I first found that virtual users no longer received
| email.  I fixed this quickly by adding to main.cf:
| local_recipient_maps  =  $virtual_mailbox_maps

This is wrong.

Don't list virtual domains in $mydestination.  Don't list local
domains in $virtual_mailbox_domains.

| So with 'local_recipient_maps' I can deliver to my virtual users but not
| to Mailman.  And without 'local_recipient_maps' I cannot deliver to
| virtual users but can deliver to Mailman.
| How do I reconcile this?

Categorize the domains correctly.  A virtual domain isn't local, and
vice versa.

| In the upgrade the dynamicmaps.cf file was changed, and 'proxy' was
| added to master.cf.  On the surface I don't see how these changes could
| have screwed me up, but perhaps I missing something.

Those didn't break your system.


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