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Re: Portable Hardware


To do similar thing I recently bought a mobile harddrive
(USB 2.0 or firewire) [at freecom  www.freecom.com  ]:
the capacity of such mobile hard drives can be quite large (20/40/60 GB)
the unity of storage is cheap,
the size is smaller than my former ZiP (100) drive.

My box is a Debian testing/unstable box with kernel 2.4.23


Stephen Turner wrote:
Hi guys,

I thinking about buying some form of portable hardware for my linux
system. It is for backing up my system and moving data from one system
to another.
I have load on infomation of several computers. Some of these computers
have no internet conection.

So i thinking about getting a Zip drive or a jazz drive. Or something
along these lines. It has to be able to work though the USB.
But i have heard, that there are problems with drivers a such like
things. For some hardware like this. I have a Debian system, installed
on all of these machines. Any advice would be welcomed.

Many Thanks.

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