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Re: growisofs ejects when finished

Mark Roach wrote:

> On Fri, 2004-01-02 at 15:38, Jeffrey Barish wrote:
>> I am using growisofs to backup to DVD.  Whenever growisofs finishes
>> writing, it ejects the DVD.  At that point, the DVD is obviously no
>> longer mounted.
> Hmm, was the (presumably blank) disk mounted to begin with? I would
> rather doubt it...

Yes, it was mounted.  growisofs objects if I try using it with a disc
that is not mounted.

The disc was not blank to begin with, but I use the -Z option.
>> I would like for the DVD to remain mounted  so that
>> subsequent backups don't cost one mount (since, as I recall, each
>> mount counts as a write).
> I doubt very much that this is the case... You have to mount the disc
> to read it, if dvd+rw has a fixed limit on the number of times you can
> read the data, it would have gone the way of divx

Not a fixed limit, the disc just gets worn out.  And it's not a limit on
the number of times one can read it, it's a limit on the number of
times one can rewrite it.
>> Is there a way to do that with growisofs?  Should
>> I use another program instead to write to DVD?  (I'm using DVD+RW,
>> but my drive supports DVD-RW also.
> I use growisofs for backing up a lot of static data and have had no
> problems with it.

It works for me too, I just wish it wouldn't eject when it finishes.

Jeffrey Barish

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