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Re: lost dhcp on boot up

On Sun, 04 Jan 2004 04:22:22 +0100, Jan Minar wrote:

> Definitively.  That's why I quoted it, to expose Edward's advise as a
> bullshit (see bellow).  It wasn't apparently.  I'll file a bug with the
> Configure.help's maintainers, pointing them to this thread.  Does
> anybody wants to add anything before I do so?

Only that, regarding a couple of recent remarks on foul language, I would
suggest substituting for "bullshit" something like the following:

"... to expose Edward's advice as emanating from the east end of a camel
going west ..."

<just kidding, Jan, using you as an excuse for some humor, have a nice


Programming without a hex editor is like watchmaking without a hammer.

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