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Re: lost dhcp on boot up

Paul Schwartz wrote:

On Thu, Jan 01, 2004 at 09:11:39PM -0700, Paul Schwartz wrote:

>Try dhclient(8) manually from the command line.  If that doesn't work,
>try spying on the connection using tcpdump(8).  Punch your firewall
>properly. That's what I'd do. And please post the useful bits verbatim
>(e.g. that interfaces entry--who says it's not malformed?).
>The error messages are dmesg(8), ip(8)/ifconfig(8), tcpdump(8).

I tried executing dhclient; it just returns a prompt. This is what tcpdump collects from eth0 when I execute dhclient

Great!  Now we know there is no DHCP traffic going out your box.  Only
some 802.1d bridge stuff. Bingo.

The configs look fine.

I'll be glad to to try other suggestions.

Go through the thread, and apply the suggestions already made :-)

% ifconfig a
% ip l
% ip a
% ip r

And: what was the dhclient's commandline?  (Read: Was it correct?)  And
tcpdump's.  Post _with_ invocations. So again:

# dhclient -d eth0
# tcpdump -i eth0

Jan Minar                      "Please don't CC me, I'm subscribed." x 6

Thanks for your patience. This is really a response the way you requested. I understand the

Oops.  I meant NOT.

value of that and was preparing it, when I found a message in the daemon.log with a dhclient complaint. [I can't quote it here because I'm on another machine]. It pointed out the need for CONFIG_PACKET and CONFIG_FILTER in the kernel compilation. My kernel has the first but not the second. I'm off to fix that before proceeding with the rest.

I'll be back!


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