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Re: locales and coding systems

> On Sat, 13 Dec 2003 05:25:47 -0500, Haines Brown wrote:
> > Do you happen to know which of these variable names is likely to be the
> > one used by emacs? At this point, I may need to approach the problem from
> > the emacs side, but my sense is that the problem is not there.
> 	It's been a long time...
> 	GNU Emacs should use LANG *and* LANGUAGE, LANG being a simple
> preference set by localeconf (apt-get install localeconf) and LANGUAGE
> being a preference list, due to the uncompleteness of several locales.
> 	localeconf will put your system preference where it belongs,
> namely /etc/environment.  /etc/bash.bashrc is good only for bash, so it is
> not a good idea for X11 apps launched for icons and the such.
> 	Please install localeconf and report your /etc/environment, as well
> as what you get with M-x getenv LANG under GNU Emacs.

Thank you very much for your reply. 

My original problem turned out to result from a broken installation of
locales, and once that was fixed, everything fell into
place. Nevertheless, the information you kindly provide is useful to

Emacs is currently using en_US.UTF-8, and it generally works fine. I
do have a few files that emacs has trouble with, probably 16-bit, but
they are exceptional, and I know how to handle utf-16 in emacs and
convert those files to useful form. I've just not had the time to play
with the one difficult file now troubling me.

Haines Brown 

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