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Re: Synching disk on logout -- switched to EXT3

In article <200312312255.12964.d_baron@012.net.il>,
David Baron  <d_baron@012.net.il> wrote:
>Thanks to all the good advice here, I made the switch to ext3. It was quite 
>painless, was neither doable nor necessitating a CD-boot.
>Just did the tune2fs -j and edited the fstab and rebooted.
>Note that on boot now, I get a warning something like:
>ext2 loader warning, ext3 superblock ..... mounted ext3, filesystem ext2.
>Besides this, runs perfectly and survived one switch off with a flawless fsck.

You must set the filesystems as ext3 in /etc/fstab. Not only that,
you need to make sure ext3 is compiled into the kernel (not a module)
or loaded in initrd, and tell the kernel that the root filesystem is
of type ext3 instead of ext2. Otherwise the kernel will mount it
as ext2.

Add in /etc/lilo.conf append="rootfstype=ext3" at the appropriate
kernel image, then run lilo and reboot.


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