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Re: NIS - 'ypbind' not starting on clients at startup

In article <[🔎] 20040101185453.27947.qmail@linuxmail.org>,
Emil Hägerlund  <hagerlund@linuxmail.org> wrote:
>> nis 3.10-3 fixed the Problem while booting. If you are using
>> 3.10.-(1|2) you have to set 
>> # Are we a NIS client (i.e. start ypbind?)
>> NISCLIENT=false
>> in /etc/default/nis. This depends on a mistake in the initscript.
>My nis version is 3.10-2.
>I added 'NISCLIENT=false' on the client. But without success.
>With otion 'false' neither bootup or manual '/etc/init.d/nis start' work.
>With option 'true' only manual '/etc/init.d/nis start' work.
>Do I have to add 'NISCLIENT...' to the server as well?

No. Don't muck around with it. You need to upgrade to -3, period.
It's probably not in 'testing' yet - get it from 'unstable',
either by temporarily changing /etc/apt/sources.list or by
ftp'ing it directly from ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/main/n/nis

-1 and -2 have several other serious problems. Don't use those
versions. -3 is a major upgrade.


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