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Re: Not using apt-move to share local packages

On Thu, Jan 01, 2004 at 04:12:27PM -0500, Paul Morgan wrote:
> On Thu, 01 Jan 2004 12:48:38 -0800, Bill Moseley wrote:
> > 
> > BTW -- IIRC, someone posted a way to trim /var/cache/apt/archives to the
> > most current one (or two) versions and purge the rest.  Anyone remember 
> > that?
> apt-get autotrim

I can't find such a package:

moseley@bumby:~$ apt-cache show autotrim
W: Unable to locate package autotrim
E: No packages found

Too bad apt isn't *that* powerful.

  $ apt-get coldbeer

Bill Moseley

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