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Re: Warning -- mounting ext3 as ext2

On Thu, 01 Jan 2004 22:43:52 +0100, David Baron wrote:

> On Thursday 01 January 2004 21:15, debian-user-digest-request@lists.debian.org 
> wrote:
>> You need to be using a kernel that either has ext3 compiled in
>> or has ext3 module available on its initrd.
>> I'm not aware of a debian kernel 2.4.22-xfs, so I assume that you compiled
>> your own.  Did you ensure that it has ext3 support enabled?
> mtab says that the disk is mounted ext3.
> This 2.4.22-xfs is on a knoppix distribution. If it has xfs, then ext3 should 
> be there as well but how would I find out for sure. BTW, as I said, I had a 
> hard reboot incident and the initial fsck due to this was 100% clean.
> The "warning" occurs on the initial read-only mount to test so maybe the 
> problem is there. If in any event, I do need the ext3 reference in initrd (/
> etc/mkinitrd/mkinitrd.conf contains nothing but some explanatory 
> comments),how do I get it there.

I've tried to explain more than once that you need ext3 support in the
kernel in order for that first ext3 mount to work.  I've also explained
why. What mtab says after you're booted up is of no consequence.

I've spent some time on trying to help you, and now you point out that
you're not even using a debian distribution, but a knoppix one. This is
a debian, not a knoppix list.

In any case, all the answers are already in the posts which I've shared
with you.  You can also check out the Linux howtos on filesystems and

As you are using knoppix, and you also persist in emailing me personally
despite my request for you not so to do, I will spend no more of my time
on this.



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