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Re: Struggling with Palm Pilot

On Thu, 01 Jan 2004 at 09:49 GMT, Alan Chandler penned:
> Don't rub it in, I have been a kde user since I first put linux on my
> desktop a couple of years ago.  I'm having an extended trial under
> gnome to see if I can find a usable setup.
> So far, I have been unable to do without kmail - can't find another
> mail program that supports mailing lists as easily (especially timed
> purging of folders),  the desktop panel doesn't have the same nice
> starting up notification that kde has, I can't put different desktop
> backgrounds on each workspace so I can tell at a glance which one I am
> working in, I miss konsoles tabbed window selection, and konqueror
> seems to be the only browser with an "up" button and a "clear url
> button" and now this!
> To be fair, on the upside - gpdf seems to always display  pdf files
> whereas kghostview seems sometimes to fail to render the document.

Out of curiosity, why do you want to use exclusively one or the other?
Is it an issue of space for all the libraries?

Whether an app is KDE or Gnome or Foo doesn't even enter my mind when
I'm looking for a tool -- I just look for an app that fulfils my needs
in terms of functionality.  I have no qualms about running KDE apps from
a Gnome environment or vice versa.  Am I missing something?


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