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Re: NIS - 'ypbind' not starting on clients at startup

On Thu, 01 Jan 2004 the mental interface of 
=?iso-8859-1?B?RW1pbCBI5Gdlcmx1bmQ= ?= told:

> > There was bug 221569 (nis: ypbind isn't started on boot), but it was
> > closed on December 16. Perhaps it hasn't been completely fixed?
> Thanks for quick answers!
> I have just now perfomed the following on my sarge
> server and one client:
> - apg-get update
> - apt-get dist-upgrade
> - reboot
> The problem with nis still remains though.
> Am I missing some basic procedure?

nis 3.10-3 fixed the Problem while booting. If you are using
3.10.-(1|2) you have to set 

# Are we a NIS client (i.e. start ypbind?)

in /etc/default/nis. This depends on a mistake in the initscript.

Since 3.10.-3 it has to be the truth ;-)



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