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Re: gaim problem

Joseph A. Nagy, Jr. wrote:
panda wrote:


I am not very sure I should be sending this on this list. Please tell me if I am wrong.

I installed gaim ( version 0.72 ) using aptitude. It shows my contacts on YM and MSN but the moment I click on one of them ( off or online ) gaim shuts down. I would send in a bug report but the message asks me if I am using the most recent version which I am not ( 0.74 )

How did you manage to get .72 (even using aptitude)? I can't find any packages higher then .62 (from unstable).

As for the problem, I have the same problem with the official Yahoo client so I too am interested in the solution.

Checking for new version with apt-get -t unstable does not find anything.

I'm running 0.72 just fine.  I got it from here:


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