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Re: Font settings in gvim

On Mon, Dec 29, 2003 at 09:24:44AM -0600, Todd Pytel wrote:
   > I noticed the change also, but it worked out fine for me. I have 
   > set guifont=Courier\ 10\ Pitch\ 11
   > However, mine is in .gvimrc, not .vimrc. Shouldn't make a difference,
   > right? I wouldn't think so, but I tried moving .gvimrc to .vimrc and saw
   > some odd behavior. For me, the font was still correct. But, using
   > .vimrc, gvim ignores my "syntax off" line. Using .gvimrc, it honors it.
   > Strange. 
   > So it does sound like there's a bug in config file handling to me. But
   > as workaround, see if using .gvimrc helps.
Thanks, it worked. 

I have to check on an earlier problem of fold markers. Will check it and
come back.


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