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Re: MRTG on Debian Testing

If it has been overnight, "locate mrtg".  If you don't have the
findutils, install them.

The config file is in /etc, the results are in /var/www/htdocs/mrtg,
the docs are in /usr/share/doc/mrtg.  Plus log files in /var/log/mrtg.


Quoting BruceG <bruce-lists@manygriffi.blogdns.net>:
> Hey all,
>    I worked with MRTG for home use on Windows 98 and Mandrake Linux.
> On Mandrake I downloaded and installed MRTG from source. I removed
> MRTG from my Mandrake dual-boot desktop, and decided to go with it
> on my under-powered Debian Testing server dedicated to e-mail (so it 
> "should" be always on).
>    Anyway - anyone on this list installed MRTG on Debian using "apt-get
> install MRTG"? I'm having trouble finding my way around to where MRTG is
> installed and how to rebuild the mrtg.cfg file. My Debian server is cli
> only, so finding proper directories / files is difficult (for me, anyway).
>    Any quick how-to for MRTG on Debian? Also posted on
> comp.dcom.net-management.

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