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Re: dial-up to ethernet

mmissett wrote:


The changes you suggested to /etc/network/interfaces are definitely not working. With the file configured that way, "/etc/init.d/networking start" returns "operation failed". So does "ifup eth0". I should also mention that I had never made changes to the loopback portion of the file -- I was only quoting the portions of the file I *had* modified, so as not to try everybody's patience more than I have already. ifconfig shows lo running properly.
Do you have other machines getting dhcp addresses on this LAN? Or better yet, can you throw a Knoppix CD in the computer and see if it gets an address? (There may be some sort of hardware/cabling/network issue.)

Frankly, I am back to wondering if the kernel can deal with DHCP. I have the idea I might have seen something in my researches that suggested it might not. Is that possible? I think it's the 2.2 kernel. Does that sound right for potato? And can it do DHCP?

Yes, it can. Is this a stock kernel (you haven't compiled it yourself)? You can get the version with the command "uname -a".

You may need to install a dhcp client; there are a couple you can choose from:

enjae[westk]:/home/westk> apt-cache search dhcp | grep client
dhcp-client - DHCP Client
dhcp3-client - DHCP Client
dhcp3-dev - API for accessing and modifying the DHCP server and client state
dhcpcd - DHCP client for automatically configuring IPv4 networking.
pump - Simple DHCP/BOOTP client.
udhcpc - very small DHCP client

To see if you have one of these clients running, you can use the ps command, like so:

enjae[westk]:/home/westk> ps ax | grep -E 'dhcp|pump'
7743 ?        S      0:00 pump -i eth0

(This works because all the clients listed above either have "dhcp" or "pump" in their name.)

If you don't have a dhcp client running, that's probably the problem. You can install one with something like:
 apt-get install pump
 apt-get intall dhcp-client


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