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Re: gphoto2 and Polaroid PDC700 Camera - How?

on Thu, 18 Dec 2003 05:36:01PM -0800, Scarletdown insinuated:
> Okay.  Now that I am up and running with Debian, I need to get my
> camera configured, so I can resume selling stuff on eBay.  My camera
> is an old Polaroid PDC-700, which connects to a serial port (COM1 in
> M$ terms, ttys0 in *nix terms).
> I took a look at what cameras are supported by gphoto2, and it looks
> like this camera is allegedly supported.  However, when I installed
> gphoto2  (apt-get install gphoto2*), and then looked at the list of
> cameras (gphoto2 --list-cameras), the PDC700 did not show up as one
> of the available types.

you might check out which version of gphoto2 you're running -- iirc,
more cameras are supported in the versions in testing & unstable than
in the one in stable.  i just yanked the one out of unstable to get my
canon powershot s200 up & running.



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