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Re: shell prompt for xwindows

On Mon, Dec 15, 2003 at 04:51:34AM -0800, Gruessle wrote:
> What is the shell prompt for xwindows?
The windowing system in Linux is mult-layered.
under everything is the libraries.
There are libraries for X, for kde and gnome
the next layer is X itself which uses X libraries
X itself just makes the screen grey and makes the cursor and other
on top of X is the window manager.
twm, windowmaker, sawfish, kde are windowmanagers.
They make the 'edges' of the windows appear and allow you to move the
windows. The windows contain terminals or web browsers or such.

So, when you run a command like xterm, it creates a window and puts a
shell inside it.

This is a simplification. Others may want to fill in more details.


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