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network install via dialup?

I'm thinking of recommending Debian to someone who has only a dialin
connection to the 'net.  For various reasons, a network install would be
the best option for them.  Is it reasonable to expect them to be able to
do a network install over dialup?  I should also explain that this will be
a fairly minimal system.  What I would recommend them to do is to install
the base system, then XFree (using tasksel) and a lightweight window mgr
and maybe browser (e.g., Links - maybe Dillo).  That's the way the initial
install would look, in my thinking.  Other programs could be added as
needed, via apt-get.  Would this be feasible to do over dialup?  Probably
would take several hours, wouldn't it?  Oh, and I should ask whether the
install-base routine can resume broken downloads (in case the modem drops
the connection or the ISP kicks them offline or something)?

Thanks, James

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