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Re: Problems with Debian merchandise vendors

hi ya phil

On Wed, 17 Dec 2003, Phil Edwards wrote:

> I'm trying to buy some simple Debian stickers for a laptop, and going
> down the list of vendors on http://www.debian.org/misc/merchandise has
> been a disappointing experience.  You should consider removing three of
> these vendors.

if the shop does not have a  "physical address" and real ph# ..
i tend NOT to buy anything from that "shop" ...

too many whacky stories nowdaze ... 

and for us shippers, sometimes the credit card is charged back
because the recepient of goods disputes the charges on their credit card
and/or claims to never gotten any goods .. ( harder to do if shipped via
fedex/ups w/ signature of recepient only - no neighbors, friends .. :-)

its a problem both ways... :-)

i dont see how people can do biz on "ebay" .. never having met the
others ...  ( guess if its dont care items and garage sale stuff,
it wont matter if they paid up or not )

c ya

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