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Re: Any Linux-oriented hardware-review sites?

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On Tuesday 16 December 2003 03:55 pm, Roberto Sanchez wrote:
> Kent West wrote:
> > Roberto Sanchez wrote:
> >> Kent West wrote:
> >>> Anyone know of any hardware-review sites from a Linux
> >>> perspective?
> >>>
> >>> I'm looking to buy a replacement motherboard . . . .
> >>
> >> I can tell you that there are currently unresolvod issues with the
> >> timing on an AMD/nForce combination.  There are patches available,
> >> but it gets to be a pain after while if you want to upgrade the
> >> kernel.
> >>
> >> -Roberto
> >
> > So you're suggesting I stay away from boards with nForce chipsets?
> > from nForce video cards? both?
> The nForce is the mobo chipset (not the graphics chip).  If I had it
> to do over, I would get an AMD (which I already have) a mobo with VIA
> chipset and no onboard anything (except maybe sound, since that is
> not so important to me).  Also, the onboard nForce takes a
> proprietary binary-only driver to work.  The nForce2 sound (a
> modified i810) is pretty decent.
> -Roberto

The x86 architecture uses lots of power/electricity. You could try a 
lower power solution such as PPC, of which the following is only one 
example, and comes with Debian. The other well know vendor, for PPC, is 

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