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Custom kernel problems: PCMCIA

I've recently compiled a new kernel to bring woody up to a 2.4.23 kernel.
In the process, I lost USB access, and now can't boot with the vortex PCMCIA nic plugged in. Plugging it in prints a message referring to a text file in Document/ that doesn't exist, and no ping returns when pinging a numeric IP address.

... I'm at a loss for exactly what I did wrong...
--- Begin Message --- Is someone familiar with font setup in X here, or shall I try somewhere else?

I am in the process of cleaning up my fonts installation (in Debian Sarge). Could someone suggest how do I actually check which fonts are *not* installed properly? I guess this may be sound like a vague question to some, but I am trying google and haven't found anything relevant to this approach. Most talk about how to setup them up, not how to debug the setup.

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