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Starting new threads (was: Re: email client (OT))

on Mon, Dec 15, 2003 at 08:33:23PM -0600, Damon L. Chesser (dchesser4@cox.net) wrote:

> >Here I like to thank Andreas Janssen for letting me know that replacing 
> >the subject line on an email does not start a new thread

> Opps, I did not know this, what does start a new thread?

Composing an email *without* starting by replying to an existing thread.

Alternatively:  deleting any "In-Reply-To:" and "References:" headers,
if your MUA supports header editing.

As several people here may have seen from me:

    When starting a new mailing list topic, *don't* reply to an existing
    thread.  Instead, start a new post.

    Why?  Because most mail clients will insert the "In-Reply-To:" or
    "References:" mail headers.  And many clients use these headers to
    construct threaded views of a discussion.  Your reply will then
    appear as a response to some thread to which it's not related.  This
    is regardless of whether you change the topic or not.

    People who've decided this thread is of no further interest will
    skip over your post.  You're likely to receive fewer useful
    responses to your post.

    For your own good:  use your mailer's "new message" function, not
    the reply option, when asking a new question.

    Thank you.

...an example of one of my high-toned rant-o-matic posts ;-)


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