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Re: Nautilus won't die

on Tue, Dec 16, 2003 at 11:57:34AM -0200, Leandro Guimar?es Faria Corcete Dutra (ldutra@prefeitura.sp.gov.br) wrote:

> I have a Debian GNU/Linux i386 testing host with some ten terminals
> attached, running a Debian mini-distro derived originally from LTSP.
> They are running Gnome 2.4, but this problem exists since Gnome 2.2.
> Nautilus will freeze on all terminals at the same time, and refuse to
> display icons, open windows or refresh already open windows.  It's
> impossible also to quit the Gnome session, but most other buttons are
> working, so one can open apps and use them to open files anyway.

Are do you have any network-mounted drives/partitions?  What filesystem
are you using for these (e.g.:  NFS, samba, ...?).  Network timeouts are
a great way to confound apps.

> There are some other problems with xscreensaver dying constantly and
> Evolution not being able to attach files, but I don't think they are
> related.

In general, if you're trying to track down odd application errors,
'strace' is your friend.

> The weirder of all is that I can't kill Nautilus after it freezes.
> There are some defunct processes, but be it a killall -KILL or a kill
> -KILL no process dies, and I'm forced to reboot the server.

'kill -9'?  That's terminate with extreme prejudice, but is one way of
determining whether or not the problem is the application or I/O layer.
You might also want to try running 'lsof' or 'fuser' to see what file(s)
are being held open.

> Any ideas?  My hacker colleague seems to think it is a kernel problem,
> so we will eventually install 2.4.23, but I fear it could be some
> Gnome or Glibc thing.

At this point, diagnostics will be more useful than "which" doctoring[1]



1.  "Which" doctoring.  The practice of pretending to determine system
    faults by wondering which random contributing factor might be

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