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Nautilus won't die

	I have a really weird situation here...

	I have a Debian GNU/Linux i386 testing host with some ten terminals
attached, running a Debian mini-distro derived originally from LTSP. 
They are running Gnome 2.4, but this problem exists since Gnome 2.2.

	Nautilus will freeze on all terminals at the same time, and refuse to
display icons, open windows or refresh already open windows.  It's
impossible also to quit the Gnome session, but most other buttons are
working, so one can open apps and use them to open files anyway.

	There are some other problems with xscreensaver dying constantly and
Evolution not being able to attach files, but I don't think they are

	The weirder of all is that I can't kill Nautilus after it freezes. 
There are some defunct processes, but be it a killall -KILL or a kill
-KILL no process dies, and I'm forced to reboot the server.

	Any ideas?  My hacker colleague seems to think it is a kernel problem,
so we will eventually install 2.4.23, but I fear it could be some Gnome
or Glibc thing.

	Thanks in advance for any help.

Leandro Guimaraes Faria Corcete Dutra <ldutra@prefeitura.sp.gov.br>
Prefeitura do Municipio de Sao Paulo dos Campos de Piratininga
Governo Eletronico, Telecentros                  +55 (11) 5080 9647
http://br.geocities.com./lgcdutra/               +55 (11) 5080 9648

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