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Re: How to get pretty fonts?

Alf Werder wrote:
On Mon, 2003-12-15 at 20:41, Joris Huizer wrote:

Hello everybody,

I did a downgrade to debian/stable - after a knoppix harddisc a few weeks ago (which is a mix of stable and testing)

However, right now the fonts in mozilla are ugly - they used to be much better and I'd want to get those fonts back; Because I don't like the mozilla mail client in 1.0 (it lacks message filtering) I downloaded the new mozilla 1.5 for now; However, the fonts are still the same
Anyway - how can I get the better fonts back? What packages do I need ?

Install mozilla-xft.


I have apt-cached search mozilla-xft
but it doesn't find any thing, I've searched for mozzila and xft as well with out luck.

Where do I need to look?


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