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Re: Knoppix saving data

Gruessle wrote:

I am trying to use the XFree86 config data from knoppix for Debian.

The only place I could find where I can save data while in knoppix
was the desktop.
After exiting knoppix and going back to Debian I can't find the desktop.
I figure knoppix deleted that folder.

Do you have any solutions I could use besides typing that whole thing in
by hand?



Well, the answers are already given, but what I do is use mc first of all in a vc:
1. switch to a vc with Ctrl-Alt-Fx
2. mc
3. use mc with file->mkdir and create a new directory
4. I don't thing you have to do the sudo mount, I think I do just mount -t ext2 /dev/hdxx /<newdir>
5. then just use mc to copy whatever you want to that new dir.


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