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Re: Knoppix saving data


* Gruessle <debian@orces.com> [031216 17:29]:
> I am trying to use the XFree86 config data from knoppix for Debian.


> The only place I could find where I can save data while in knoppix
> was the desktop.
> After exiting knoppix and going back to Debian I can't find the desktop.
> I figure knoppix deleted that folder.
> Do you have any solutions I could use besides typing that whole thing in
> by hand?

You could mount a disk (floppy or hard) and then "save" (cp) it there.
But I'm worried that would require you learning how.

Another option is to get it from the list archive, since it seems I
already posted it to the list.

wget http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2003/debian-user-200312/msg05420.html

I have not been following your thread carefully, but I suspect that
you are not going about this the best way. You may do better to simply
read the Debian installation manual _very_ carefully and then follow
it very carefully. If/when you come against a problem you can't
resolve send a very specific message to the list which contains the

1. Brief description of the exact problem.
2. Explicit description of what you have tried.
3. Exact (relevant) error messages etc.



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