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RE: Web server Partitions

hi ya braxton

On Tue, 16 Dec 2003, Braxton Neate wrote:

> My main concern is running out of space in a partition once everything
> is setup and running. So I want to be sure before I go ahead. It's a


there are many different partition schools of thought ...


mine is..
	- the system must be easily backed up and restored just in case
		- i backup "user" stuff .... system is already backed up
		on millions of servers ....
	- the system must be fixable onsite ( w/o reinstall ) because
	  you forgot to bring that sparedisk, or bring bbc, or bring
 	- system data is to be kept separate from "user stuff"
	- security of the server is more important than convenience
	  to windoze folks wanting to run frontpage ( or equiv )
	- users should never run out of space ( other than filling up the
	  disk )

> What do people think about the following:
> / - 7GB

/ should only be 256MB or less 
	- if the machine dies, only 256MB needs to be clean for you
	to be able to use the machine to fix itself if its fixable

> /usr - 10GB

/usr/local is the issue, do you lave it in "system" area or do you
symlink to "user" are /usr/local

> /home - 10GB

should be the whole disk ... ( maximum amount available/left over )

> /var - 10GB

if you want to save weblogs, you can move it to /home 
since "users" want that info

system use very little space in /var

> /tmp - 1.5GB

there is zero need to have so much /tmp space ??
	128MB or 256MB is more than enough for 95% of all apps i seen

> SWAP - 1.5GB

add real memory for each 256MB of swapp beng used
	swap size of 2x real memory was the old rule of thumb when
	memory was 10x the costs of disks ... 

	2GB of swap is 10x too slow for a 1GB of real memory
	way cheaper/faster/easier to add a 2nd 1GB stick of mem

-- you'd be painfully slow when using swap 

c ya

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