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Re: xcdroast


Gavin Seddon (<gavin.m.seddon@man.ac.uk>) wrote:

> I put the append line in my lilo.conf and success in that I get the
> hdc found when I reboot.  However, when I start xcdroast the cdrw is 
> still not found.  Can you help pls?

What did the line look like? And did you re-run lilo?

Are member of the cdrom group? If not, add yourself to that group, log
out and in again. Also, make sure the ide-scsi module is loaded:

modprobe ide-scsi

Now use cdrecord -scanbus

to see if your drive is listed.

Add ide-scsi to /etc/modules to load it automatically at boottime.

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

Andreas Janssen
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