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Re: enable mouse in tty

On Tue, Dec 16, 2003 at 01:15:04PM +0530, saravanan wrote:
> hai,
> i) how to enable mouse in tty?


> ii) List me the debian package sites? (not OS, other utilities)(sites 
> like rpmfind.net)

There is the main repository and its many mirrors (look in
www.debian.org under the packages entry there should be a link to a
mirror list, although there are more out there).

There are also a lot of unofficial repositories for different purposes
(more relaxed attitude to no GPL licences, special ports of programs,
experimental/not in debian versions of programs, etc.) You usually find
these when you run into programs you don't find in debian proper and
google to see if debs are available somewhere. Also follow the lists,
references to come up occasionally in response to newer/not available
version inquiries.

> Sarav
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