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Exim3, with spamassasin, mailscanner and Clam-AV upgrade to Exim4


I'm about to upgrade from exim3 to exim4. I only have one domain, but I
have two separat exim conf pretty much according to the mailscanner
If I do a apt-get install exim4
Can i use the ./convert4r4 for both conf files and still have a working
Have anybody made a similar upgrade, are there any fallingpits, is there
mayby a good howto (that I havnt found)?

Then I have one more question, can I in a easy way convert the exim mBox
to maildir (and still keep the mail in /var/spool/mail/$user) inorder to
use Courier-IMAPd so that I can also use a good webserver to check my
mail when on the run?


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