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Re: How to get pretty fonts?

I think that there is a how-to to get truetype fonts working in Debian: http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/TT-Debian.html . As far as the email client goes... have you tried Thunderbird? It includes message filtering... I'm pretty happy with it so far... (Had to do some major configuration to get it working like I wanted to -- and I'm kind of surprised it is working after the way I treated it, but it seems to be working quite well...)


Joris Huizer wrote:

Hello everybody,

I did a downgrade to debian/stable - after a knoppix harddisc a few weeks ago (which is a mix of stable and testing)

However, right now the fonts in mozilla are ugly - they used to be much better and I'd want to get those fonts back; Because I don't like the mozilla mail client in 1.0 (it lacks message filtering) I downloaded the new mozilla 1.5 for now; However, the fonts are still the same
Anyway - how can I get the better fonts back? What packages do I need ?

Thanks for any help,


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